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BIG as he is..* the "Dutch Boy keeps right on growing Net sales 1953: $436,050,592 Today this famous symbol for National Lead Company stands for more than 200 basic home and industrial products When the "Dutch Boy" first went to work for National Lead in 1907...and for some years thereafter...this friendly lad stood for just one product, white lead. But it was even earlier, in 1900, that' National Lead initiated the program that makes him the famous figure you know today. For it was in that year that National Lead began to produce and sell metallic lead, principal raw material for white lead. That same year, means were also acquired to make white lead faster and better than ever before. Here you have the first two moves in a two-fold expansion policy to which National Lead still holds: 1. Growth through diversification in closely related fields; 2. Growth through continuous product research and improvement. It is this policy that year after year has increased National Lead's economic use fulness . .. added stature to the "Dutch Boy." Since 1944 it has helped the com pany more than double its sales ... quad ruple its earnings. Today National Lead produces more than 200 basic products for home and in dustry . . . some 1500 items in all. With facilities located in 41 states plus Canada, Mexico and many other foreign countries, it's in a position to serve nearly every in dustry well. Big as it is, National Lead plans to keep right on growing ... a good company to buy from ... a good company to invest in. So keep your eye on National Lead and the "Dutch Boy." Major products of National Lead Company For the Chemical Industry--acid concentrating plants and han dling equipment; lead-lined pipe, valves, tanks. For the Construction and Main tenance Industries -- red lead, traps and bends, lead pipe, solder, sheet lead, paints. For the Steel Industry -- ferrotitanium alloys, nickel, cobalt, refractories, iron ore. For the Petroleum Industry--oil well drilling materials, test ing equipment, drilling tech niques. For the Railroad Industry--jour nal bearings and other equip ment for freight and passen ger cars. For the Plastics Industry--stabi lizers, gelling agents, titanium pigments, castor oil, plasti cizers. For the Printing Industry--type metals, printing base, ink pig ments and oils. For the Automotive Industry -- bearing metals, storage bat tery plate metal and oxides, die castings, solder, pigments for enamels. For the Point Industry--lead, ti tanium and calcium pigments; linseed and castor oils. For the Electronics industry -- die castings and other mate rials for television, radio and radar equipment. For the Atomic Power Industry -- shielding materials, reactor fuel elements, process metals and fabricated products. .(, U. S. P.l. us. National Lead Company 111 Broadway, New York 6, N* Y. This advertisement prepared by Mar s CHALK and Pr aTT Company, Inc., New York KC-5081--Poor's Register of Directors and Executives, Annual January 1955 & Supplements & Tail Supplement 1954+ - ,V 0000-NLI-000016257