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EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING Thursday, October 14, 1976 Washington, D. C. f W61l V 1 M 11 1^1 Mnil Page 3 International Asbestos Information Conference --------------------------------m~fcT--------------------------------------------------Mr. Marsh said he met with Cyril Latty, President, Chambre Syndicale de l"Amiante, in London on October 11 prior to the meeting of representative members of XAIC on October 12. He emphasized the concern of Mr. Latty on world-wide attention to asbestos-health issues and the effect on the industry. Mr. Marsh reported that at the October 12 meeting, crfaired by H.D.S. Hardie, Chairman, U.KAsbestos Information Committee, national representatives commented on the asbestos industry situation in their respective countries. Amonq the comments: the outlook in Scandinavia was "gloomy"; apprehension in the U.K. is increasing with regard to the asbestos cement industry. In Germany, the asbestos cement association has now joined with its counterpart general asbestos industry association in recognition of overall industry problems. Mr. Marsh advised of the loss of some markets in the U.S. and instances of policy decisions by some major corporations to phase out the use of asbestos, it was his conclusion that the industry is in serious trouble in worldwide perspective. ALV 0003011 page 4 Hr. Harsh referred to mounting attacks on the industry by organized labor and news media, especially in Europe. He said it is difficult for the voices of responsible industry spokesmen and scientists to be heard in response to these attacks. The group was of the opinion that there must exist strong national ashetos associations to perform the functions of information and education on the asbestos-health issues and that these associations must lobby effectively to ensure that moderation prevails in rulemaking processes for asbestos exposure standards. Hr. Harsh stressed the interdependency and indivisi bility of the asbestos industry worldwide. He made reference to a lengthy document which was recently published by the Health and Safety Directorate of the Commission of the European Economic Community entitled, "Public Health Risks of Exposure to Asbestos." The paper's recomnendations could have adverse impact on the industry. A major : recommendation urges support for development and use of asbestos substitutes. In order for the effective exchange of information on an international basis to be accomplished, and provide assistance on an ad hoc'basis in countries with weak national associations, a central point of contact must exist. Hr. Harsh distributed and discussed a proposed program of work for the international body for 1977/78 *ji reported on activities of the. Standing Committee in 1975/76. Hr. Harsh reviewed the Standing Committee's recommendations that would be presented at the biennial meeting of the XAIC in Hamburg, Nov. 3-5, including] (1) election of an executive council for the XAIC consisting of not more than eleven members, council members to hold office for two years; (2) appointment of an executive committee from among the members of the executive council; and (3) appointment of arfulltime secretary general with appropriate office staff and facilities to carry out the administrative work of the XAIC. (Mr. Marsh said London is considered the most appropriate location for the IAIC office.) ' Annual expenses for the XAIC would be borne by members on a proportionate share basis (volume of asbestos consumed or mined). ^The D.S. would be responsible for three shares of a to tal of 24 shares or about $10,000. Travel expenses to XAXC meetings would be borne by individual members. For the U.S., this would approximate $4,000. Mr. Barge requested Mr. Marsh to assist in developing this part of the Association's budget for 1977^ Appreciation was expressed to Mr. Marsh for his report and the time and effort spent by him on behalf of the Association. The Executive Committee was in agreement that continued AIA/NA membership in the XAXC is essential. A! V 0009012 Ilinutes - GEi:2!UL H22TIFG - June 12, 1970 Balaoral iiotel, Thetford Mines, Canada Pago -1 In attendance: Asr.icAif asses :os ? iectile cop?. J. /. Christenbury Geo.S. Fabel C. O. Hodges J.L. lainey /alter as rosj? r:.gile cc. :?.vir,i.*c. ?.T. 'Gatke'fJr'." aseeseol eetieil, s.a. D. 3aroia as, ; is'jos cqitpqjurioiT li C ."Jr-sVu'rne` ............... C-.T.A. Brink H.P. Carson ?.A. Cunniagton II.C. Pharo P.1. Lsclerc u.i/. Oughtred BELL ASBESTOS HI'ES LI ITS) H. Dodds"-MebVon C.'I. Gchoch F. P. Smith G. W. Smith U.H. Smith '/m. J.'./. Smith CAD -AU C.IJI'ISjIA.-i J.'AF^ H. C.~" loosev'elt _ cai'aoi/b- ro>:rs-'-iA.;viLLE co.^tc. J.0. "fby l'.'.'-'. 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