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L SPI Publications and Events Plastics: At Your Service Every Day in Every Way . A four-color, j 16-page publication for general ! audiences; spotlights plastics at I home, at work, at play, on the go, as! a lifesaver ... A beautifully illus trated brochure for use with customers, educators, plantcommunity programs, employees, the media ... 25 color photographs with a flowchart... See order form with this issue for pricing/ordering information. "Plastic Bottles: The Question of Degradability" ... The Plastic Bottle Institute's new position paper on plastic bottle degradabil- i ity is available... Contact: Deanne! Dillingham, (202) 371-5244. Seven New Brochures on Benefits of Plastics ... Now available for use with customers, employees, media, plant/community pro grams, educators, etc.... Cover packaging, transportation, aero space, medicine, electronic, build- j ing and construction and an ! overview ... Convenient #10 size ' ... Publication No. AB-111. j SPI Financial Management Man ual for Plastics Processors ... j Newly revised, four-volume I manual offers practical methods fori dealing with the management [ needs of plastics processors ... Sold only as a set... Members, $400; non-members, $525 ... j Publication No. AJ-101. To Order All items listed with a publication number may be ordered by calling 1-800-541-0736 (only MasterCard or Visa accepted as payment) or by sending a check pay able to SPI to: Literature Sales De partment, SPI, 1275 K Street, N.W., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005. April 30-May 3 1 SPI-PIastic Drum Institute Meeting .: .. La Mansion Del Rio, San Anto nio, Texas ... Contact: Denise McCormick, (202) 371-5330. May 8-9 Vinyl Institute Annual Meeting Callaway Gardens, Ga___ Contact: Patricia Benker, (201) 890-9299. May 8-11 SPI-Canada Plast-Ex '89 Exhibition ... International Centre-Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... Contact: Lynne Boccuzzi, (203) 964-0000. May 9-12 SPI-PIastic Bottle Institute Annual Meeting... Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Va.... Contact: John Malloy, (202) 371-5245. May 15-18 SPI-Plastics Pipe Institute Annual Meeting... Mariner's Inn-Hilton Head Island, S.C.... Contact: Karen M. Connelly, (212) 351-5420. May 16-17 Cost Estimating and Pricing Semi- j nar ... Sponsored by SPI's Financial! Management Committee ... Marina) del Rey, Los Angeles, Calif.... Contact: Diana Wright, (202) 3715293. May 17-19 SPI- Sheet Producers Division Annual Meeting... Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Va. ... Contact: Jerry Carroll, (202) 371- 5233. ' j i May 18-20 I SPI's 46th Western Section Confer ence ... Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, Calif.... Contact: Jill Brandts, (213) 864-2793. July 17 SPI-Vinyl Siding Institute/Vinyl Window and Door Institute ... The Sagamore, Lake George, N.Y.... Contact: Elena Lurie, (212) 3515400. September 12-14 SPI/SPE Plastics Show and Confer ence-East ... Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pa----- Contact: Brigid Donnelly, (202) 371-5249. September 17-19 SPI 20th Annual Midwest Confer ence ... Grand Traverse Resort Village, Acme, Mich.... Contact: John G. Carley, (312) 297-6150. Global Warming continued from page one in both bodies of Congress, and hearings are underway in a number of committees in both houses of Congress. While the earth's atmosphere is naturally regulated by atmospheric gases (a process known as the greenhouse effect), many scientists are now concerned that the gases being added to the atmosphere by man will increase warming at a rate and to a level unprecedented in human history. The task force recognizes global warming as a long-term, highly complex issue. There are, however, opportunities for the plastics industry in particular to respond and to present the positive role of plastics. The task force's immediate goals are to help the industry respond positively to this serious, emerging issue. CTL016217 Plastics NewsBriefs 4 I In Brief... SPI Offers Help to TDI Proces sors in Reporting Under CAIR .. SPI is offering a compliance manual to help processors of materials containing toluene diisocyanate (TDI) fulfill report ing requirements under the EPA's Comprehensive Assess ment Information Rule (CAIR) ... CAIR requires that all non exempt manufacturers, import ers and processors complete a detailed form at each site at which chemicals containing TDI are handled. Compliance Deadline Ap proaching for Section 313 -Toxic Chemical Release Reporting ... A special bulletin in this issue of Plastics NewsBriefs describes this reporting requirement ... For information on either of the above, contact Richard H. LaLumondier, assistant director. Technical and Regulatory Affairs, (202) 371-5223. Climate Change Task Force Tackles Global Warming In response to growing concern about climate change, particularly global warming, SPI has formed a Climate Change Task Force. The group will develop a response focusing on the positive contribu tions of plastics with regard to global warming. The SPI task force will develop data on the energy conservation role of foam insulation; use of plastics in transportation, particu larly in automobiles, that results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions; and the CFC-dependent industry segments working to eliminate the use of fully halogenated CFCs (con sidered to be potent greenhouse gases). The task force also will work with SPI to update its energy efficiency data. The task force is comprised of representatives of the Federal Gov ernment Affairs and the Occupa tional Health and Environmental Issues committees, and the Polyure thane, Expanded Polystyrene, Composites and Polyurethane Foam Contractors divisions. As an issue, global warming has caught the attention of Congress. The unseasonably hot summer and drought last year prompted numer ous hearings in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Already this session, major global warming bills have been introduced Continued on page four In This Issue News From the States 2 Council Names Recycling Director; Fills Four Other Staff Posts 2 Federal Update 3 Highlights from SPI's Divisions and Sections 3 Publications & Events 4 Twenty-five Ohio plastics companies displayed their products and services at an industry-sponsored reception for the Ohio legislature in Columbus. Enjoying the occasion are House Speaker Vernal G. Riffe Jr., D-89; Debbie Neale, BF Goodrich, chairperson of the event; Jim Kniska, Precision Custom Products Inc., and Rep. Rod Hughes, R-83. CTL016214 Plastics NewsBriefs 1 L r/7GCD GJaKE) Gg}G Highlights from "State Bulletin" and "State Reporter' Hawaii Suffolk County-Style Bills Die in Hawaii Legislature ... Bills prohibit ing the use of polystyrene fast food packaging and non-degradable plastic wrapping and other plastic products have died for this session . .. However, bills that have been passed by the House include one to require that all packaging be degradable, reusable, recyclable or combustible ... Another requires that food and retail establishments notify customers in writing as to whether the packaging is or is not degradable, reusable, recyclable or combustible ... The bills will be heard by the Senate. Minnesota Minneapolis City Council Approves Ordinance Banning Plastic Food Containers ... The law prohibits retail food establishments from using non-recyclable, non-de gradable and non-returnable packaging ... The sponsor says the ordinance will affect plastic foam egg cartons and meat trays, foam packaging for take-out and plastic grocery sacks ... However, the bill bans any packaging, excluding paper, which is not collected by the city for recycling and for which there are economically feasible al ternatives ... An identical ordi nance is being considered by the City Council in Minneapolis' Twin City, St. Paul. Pattok on Board Joseph M. Pattok has joined SPI as director of State Govern ment Affairs. He has held posi tions with the National Solid Waste Management Association, the Associated Petroleum Indus tries (API) of Michigan, then with API in Washington. Connecticut SPI Board Member Testifies Against Ban on Polystyrene Insulation Foam Blown With Chlorofluorocarbons... Jerry Weinstein, president of UC Industries and a member of the SPI Board, told a Joint Environment Committee of the General Assembly that his company and SPI support the ultimate elimination of CFCs ... But it should be done on a national and international basis through agreements such as the Montreal Protocol. Virginia Legislature Enacts Joint Resolution Calling for Cornstarch... The Vir ginia Legislature has enacted House Joint Resolution 434 urging the plastics industry to produce biode gradable products by using corn starch in its manufacturing process. New Jersey Two Cities Copy Suffolk County Ban on Plastics Packaging ... The Newark City Council this month adopted legislation modeled after the Suffolk County, N.Y., ban prohibiting food retailers from selling food to the public unless it is in biodegradable packaging ... The city alsois prohibited from purchasing food packaging con taining polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride or sponsoring any event using this packaging ... Mean while, the Township Council of Stafford is to consider a revised version of the Suffolk County law prohibiting restaurants and retail food outlets from serving eating utensils or prepared food in any polystyrene foam food packaging or food containers composed of ^ polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride. CSWS Names Recycling Director; Fills Four Other Positions The Council for Solid Waste Solutions (CSWS) named five new staff members during March. As director of recycling, Jery Yoswein Huntley will oversee the Council's $1 million start-up community recycling program. Before joining the Council, she was the East Coast representative for Conservative Paper Company, a national distributor of recycled fine and printing paper. Also joining the Council as technical director is Peter W. Dinger. Most recently he was manager of technical services for Innopak Plastics Corp. and was superintendent product quality and regulatory affairs with Monsanto Co., Containers Division. Vemell Wright, administrative assistant to Dr. Ron Liesemer, vice president of technology, joins the staff after 12 years with the Procter & Gamble Co. Steve Alexander is the regional government affairs manager for the Mid-Atlantic/Southem region and will be based in Annapolis, Md. He was a lobbyist for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Bailey L. Condrey Jr. is the new communications assistant. Paul B_ Koons III joins the staff as director of Computer Services. CTL016215 Plastics NewsBriefs 2 SPI Submits Comments on Phase out of CFCs ... SPI filed comments with the Senate Commerce Sub committee on Science, Technology and Space for the record of a hearing held in February on chal lenges presented by reductions in chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)... In the testimony, SPI restated its members' commitment to reduce and eliminate, as quickly as pos sible, use of fully halogenated CFCs. SPI Submits Comments Support ing Sprinklers in Hotels ... In comments submitted for the record of a March 2 hearing of the House Science Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology, SPI strongly backed the "Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1989" ... SPI advised Congress of its long time support of detection and suppression devices to reduce the likelihood of personal injury and property damage from fire. EPA Proposes Pollution Preven tion Policy Statement... The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a policy on pollution prevention stating that source reduction and recycling programs will be the preferred pollution control methods of EPA ... Tradi tionally, the agency has focused on managing pollutants after they are , created ... Under the new policy, the EPA would give more attention to reducing waste, hazardous and I non-hazardous, at the source. j COT&D Invites New Members ... j SPI members interested in joining the SPI Committee on Transporta tion and Distribution are asked to contact Maureen Healey, (202) 371j 5219 ... The COT&D, an operating unit of SPI, promotes the plastics industry's interest in transportation and distribution... Through its legislative and regulatory activities, the COT&D has helped reduce substantially the cost and improve the efficiency of transportation and distribution in the plastics industry. SPI Division & Section Highlights Vinyl Window and Door Institute Opens Outstanding Performance Competition ... Entries are being accepted for the 1989 Awards for Outstanding Performance competi tion sponsored by the Vinyl Win dow and Door Institute ... The deadline for entries is May 15 ... For more information: the Vinyl Window and Door Institute, 355 Lexington Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017,(212) 351-5400. New Vinyl Institute Group to Promote Electrical Applications ... The Vinyl Institute is forming a new group called the Electrical Materials Council to promote and expand the use of vinyl (polyvinyl chlonde or PVC) in electrical applications ... For more informa tion, contact the Vinyl Institute, 155 Route 46 West, Wayne Interchange Plaza II, Wayne, N.J. 07470, (201) 890-9299. Cost Estimating and Pricing Seminar . . . Small differences in | price often mean the difference j between winning and losing a | customer ... Seminar explores cost estimating versus pricing; pricing considerations (product lifecycle, facility workload, quality, service and delivery and price computation techniques)... For information: Diana Wright, (202) 371-5293. For More Information ... Composites Institute Call for Papers ... The Composites Institute is calling for papers to be presented at its 45th Annual Conference and printed in the Conference Proceed ings Book... Deadline for abstracts. May 15; for accepted papers. Sept. 15 ... For more information, call the Composites Institute, (212) 3515410. Plasticos '89 a Hit... Plasticos '89 attracted more than 4,100 persons during its four-day run in Mexico City ... A final report on the March 7-10 plastics technology, equipment and supplies exposition indicated business on the floor was more than $1.6 million... The show featured 63 exhibitors. Additional Information about any Item In this issue of the newslet ter may be obtained by contact ing Marian Green, Editor, SPI, 1275 K Street, N.W., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 371-5209. Direct Inquiries for the New York office to: 355 Lexing ton Avenue, New York, NY 10017, (212) 351-5410. CTL016216 Plastics NewsBriefs 3