Toxic Docs in the Classroom

For the next two weeks, we'll be highlighting uses of Toxic Docs in the classroom. Co-PI David Rosner has been teaching a class called "Poisoned Worlds" at the Mailman School of Health/Department of History (Columbia University) for years, using the database to give students direct practice with primary sources.

These will be listed below:

  • Sophia Abrahamson, who writes about lead poisoning and trade associations, both then and now.
  • Anastasia Hendricks, who writes on Monsanto and PR response.
  • Amanda Armstrong, who writes on toxins and food.
  • Hannah Geroge, who writes on the health of miners.
  • James Wenzel, who writes on regulators and lead.
  • Kairaluchi Oraedu, who writes on the Bureau of Mines and its leaded gasoline studies.
  • Kate Tadeo, who writes on the Ethyl Corporation and leaded gasoline in the interwar years.
  • Margaret Meyerson, who writes on food waste and American society.
  • Machaela Parkin, who writes on asbestos and trade associates.
  • Roisin Casey, who writes on gender, the EEOC, and health and safety.