$1 billion+ judgment to clean up leaded paint


It's one of the largest environmental health judgements ever.

Paint companies, the California Supreme Court ruled last week, will be required to help pay around $1 billion for lead paint remediation in the state.

You can read more about it here at law.com

David Rosner and Jerry Markowitz, two members of our core ToxicDocs team, were key expert witnesses in the case leading up to this decision. The evidence they used in Deceit and Denial and Lead Wars were critical to the case.

The case isn't over. The companies have vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court. More immediately, they're also gathering signatures for a state-level ballot initiative that would have California taxpayers foot the bill.

You can look at some of that evidence used in the case in our Lead Papers collection, which we've been loading in batches this month. The full collection numbers 70,000 documents.