Lack of Regulations in Cosmetic Industry Could Pose a Threat to Reproductive Health


While reproductive rights have been a focus of national politics, “reproductive toxins” which can cause adverse effects on reproductive systems continue to be left out of this discussion. In a 1988 inter-organization correspondence from BF Goodrich on the reproductive toxins, “Cadmium, Lead Pigments and/or Stabilizers,” the author of the letter writes about “Cosmetics” stating:

“There are no regulations which state what may be used in cosmetic packaging. Cadmium and lead based substances may be acceptable depending on the type and intended use of the cosmetic. For example, what might be acceptable for use to package a shampoo or underarm deodorant may be totally unacceptable for a mouthwash or breath freshener.”


While this explanation is not specifically about BF Goodrich, it exposes a larger problem regarding regulations on cosmetic problems. Though this correspondence is from over three decades ago, there are still relatively few regulations on the cosmetic industry. Traces of toxic heavy metals known to affect reproductive health have been found in cosmetic products yet regulations on the cosmetic industry been largely untouched since the 1930s.

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