Eradicating Lead Poisoning


The Biden Administration seeks to eradicate “the lead pipe city” of America, however, it will take more than money to regulate industry. In April 2021, President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the “American Jobs Plan” which could help accelerate replacing the nation’s lead water pipes. Out of the $2 trillion budget proposal, the plan sets aside billions to replace the water pipes. When announcing the plan, Biden warned that letting infrastructure decay led to the Flint Water Crisis remarking, “Everybody remembers what happened in Flint. There’s hundreds of Flints all across America.

As previously discussed on the Toxic Docs blog, the history of lead is reflective of the history of America. The Flint Water Crisis has confronted America with the shortcomings of government and industry. It will be interesting to see what the Biden Administration develops as a comprehensive plan for municipal infrastructure to prevent more cities from being “truly a lead pipe city.” Check out this archived document on Toxic Docs to learn more about the history of lead pipe cities!