"Counter the Activists:" The Role of One PR Firm in the 'Chlorine Debate'

In 1994, the public relations firm Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin, Inc. sent a document titled “MDB Activist Report for August” to the Chlorine Chemical Council (CCC) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The report states: “Attached is a list of all the recommendations we provided CCC in August as to how best to counter the activists. The main recommendation– to mobilize science against the precautionary principle– still applies and dovetails with the long-range objectivists regarding sound risk assessment.” This was not the first time that Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin, Inc. proposed recommendations to industry for countering activism. The firm also provided “strategies” to Nestlé for countering activists concerned about the promotion of infant formula in developing countries, as well as strategies to tobacco companies for countering tobacco control activists. To learn more about MBD's involvement in the 'Chlorine Debate' between industry and environmental activists, check out the documents below!

Document 1 (1988):

Document 2 (March 1994):


Document 3 (August 1994):

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